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Furness Dental Laboratory Ltd, specialise in providing a fast, efficient and effective denture reline service, which is completed in-house in our dental lab. We produce high quality dentures relines and denture repairs with the aim of saving you money and avoiding the cost of new dentures when they aren't needed.

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Do you need denture repair services?

Don't make the mistake of trying to repair your own dentures with glue like so many people do. This can often lead to badly fitting dentures and mouth sores and dentures which then become irreparable. Leave it to the professionals, get it touch with Furness Denture Laboratory Ltd.


With many years of experience, you can be sure that all your dental concerns will be addressed and treated. To learn more, feel free to contact us today!

Denture relines in Cumbria

Are your dentures slipping or falling down?

This usually happens  because your mouth has undergone some very small changes in your gum tissue over time. Over a prolonged period of time, your dentures will not stay in place. It is recommended that dentures should be relined every two years due to tissue changes in the mouth and changes in the wearers bite. By arranging your denture reline, you can save time and money by avoiding where possible the process of arranging new dentures where it can be avoided.

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